The Ellipsis has spoken! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

HEAR YE: An ellipsis consists of exactly three dots called ellipsis points—never two dots, never four dots—just three dots.

I've long wanted to speak out against the over-usage of the "ellipsis", as I know it's something most people pay little attention to; however I've noticed through the years, that more and more people are using it, and boy are they using it!
I decided to research the sometimes abominable ellipsis in an effort to confirm if my notions were correct; Are these 3 dots (yep, only 3), being overused by innocent people who know not what they do? Well, here's what I stumbled upon. Read carefully PEOPLE!

You should not replace all normal punctuation with ellipses. You should not allow the sweet lure of ellipses to muddle your ability to write a complete sentence. To quote the book Grammar for Dummies, “Using ellipses in this way can get annoying really fast.” 


Jay Roy, Jazelle & Co. visionary/owner prepared for a close friend's 30th b-day party this past weekend, and wanted to do something different; Being the busy mom-on-the-go that she is, she decided to reach out to non other than SIDE OF STYLE who specialize in effortlessly styling busy women on the move, amongst other services. She was also hand picked by PINX MUA, a mobile makeup artistry brand, to partake in a complete character enhanced version of herself!!! Many compliments flowed at the event, so she felt it was necessary that she shout out these hard working women, who are devoted to enhancing the beauty, self esteem, and poise of their female counterparts. As you can see, SIDE OF STYLE did a splendid job at bringing out the funkiest in fashion, while still holding true to herself, and they've never let any of their clients down, JUST ASK! PINX MUA (Painted Kiss), an out of the box newcomer, actually used Jay as a muse project, and she was naturally honored to fulfill the role. You've got to visit these brands and see what they have to offer. Don't hesitate to give them a call, e-mail or shoot them a message via their fan-page! Support successful endeavors yall!!!

For contact info on S.O.S and PINX MUA, e-mail


What's Up Loyal Style Seekers,

I have the astute honor in telling you all about a very important event taking place tomorrow. Side of Style always delves into selfless projects, promoting female empowerment, and a certain level of fashion forward fierceness! It's no wonder, they've been so blessed in helping a vast mosaic of survivors, achievers, and conquerors alike. 

Enter, Ms. Jessica Mark, a 26 year Special Education Educator, who holds a Master's degree in Counseling, and has overhauled her whole image, losing a total of 220 pounds. She's been 'made over' in a multitude of ways, as we can only imagine, but TOMORROW, she'll be indulging, but don't's not overeating, it's a SIDE OF STYLE....


What's up everybody?

As most of you may know, I was able to support one of my clients, High Heel Junkie this past weekend at the Acharne' Couture Swimsuit Edition Fashion Show, where the infamous Heel Condom's would be revealing themselves to an innumerable plethora of people. I sat discreetly on the 2nd row from the runway, a feeling of boisterous pride, feeling as though this was something I created! The true visionary for this empirical brand, High Heel Junkie, is Ms. Azalea McKinney, a California native, whose essentially been thrust onto the Houston scene, hosting her famed Shoe parties in and around the city non-stop!


PO Box 60088
Houston, TX 77205
Phone (832)647-4687
Contact: Keyunna Phillips
Phone: (713) 858-1075
9 A.M. CST, May 2, 2011


Houston, TX, May 2, 2011: All too often, we overlook honoring those who have fought the definitive fight, and won!!! Side of Style (S.O.S.) is honoring one lucky winner of its “Ehance Her” giveaway, honoring Cancer surviving women. S.O.S. will be accepting write-ups from women, telling of their journey, and how surviving has changed their stance on life and purpose. The contest begins May 1 and will run through May 31, 2011. If you, or anyone you know is worthy of the recognition, please submit their name with a detailed write-up. The winner will receive a day of enhancement, including makeup, styling, a photo shoot, etc. For more info, please e-mail Side of Style at