A BARBER'S EVOLUTION|A LITERAL REVOLUTION- Getting to know Kuttin' Edge Barbershop

You know, the thing about anyone's "story behind the glory" is that it does something to us as readers, when we realize that what we're seeing, has a story behind it. It's no Friday night Cinema bore either...more like a Saturday morning testimony to the masses. It resounds, "HERE I STAND, MAKING A NAME FOR EVERY AND ANYONE AFTER ME... I'm destined to succeed by the grace of God". Well, that's what this story tells me. It tells me that if we press toward the mark, and go relentlessly after our dreams, (which may sometimes be deferred), we are NOT winning, in fact, we are at a LOSS!

Alan Roland, owner and Brand visionary behind Houston Galleria's Kuttin' Edge Barbershop, is definitely no newcomer to WINNING, as most would have it. He's more like a vessel of success, to which we can learn   alot. Prior to Roland opening his brand name barbershop, he worked in Texas' capital for Texas Instruments; to which he voluntarily fulfilled a 10 year stint. Here's the moment I tend to admire the most---------> After his period in the corporate sector, he realized it wasn't for him. As a father, he knew he needed to make the ultimate decision to go for his dreams, as he strongly sensed it would prevail.

High Heel Junkie™ gets all “hopped up” for a Beauty Escape... “downtown” style

From the Stiletto Superintendent who  brought you HEEL CONDOM'S, she's back with one more reason for you to remain "STRUNG OUT". This time, Azalea McKinney of High Heel Junkie™  has teamed up with Beauty Escape Make-Up Bar for their Houston Make-Up Bar, which will take place at the esteemed Hyatt Regency Hotel, downtown, this Saturday, August 6, 2011 from 1pm-6pm.

The Beauty Escape Makeup Bar's upscale pampering session features cosmo-style socializing – complete with customized mini-makeovers by professional stylists and signature cocktails. To top it off, all of our fabulous guests leave with health and beauty goodies. Client, (Pinx MUA) will also be sponsoring the event.

For the latest on High Heel Junkie™, you may visit their fab (website); While there, have a look at their blog for the latest happenings in the world of Heel connoisseurs abroad, and shop till you've satisfied your urge to. Stay tuned for more Air,Food,High Heels™.

Lastly, please stay in the KNOW, by checking out HHJ's (Twitter) and (Facebook) for your social network 'fix'!

PUNCTUATION: The gift and the curse

Punctuation marks are symbols that indicate the structure and organization of written language, as well as intonation and pauses to be observed when reading aloud.

In its entirety, it is more than safe to say that we've all found ourselves becoming a little less diligent in our quests to follow through on what a complete sentence is, or a complete thought for that matter; what defines it? Where does it end, and what signifies its ending?

A question for my generation- Are we not loyal to our punctuation marks? Those which were given to us at a tender young age, which we clung to, once we understand the basic uses that each of them gave to us.

I couldn't imagine this younger generation finding comfort in these same punctuation marks, as texting, and social media have allowed the choice to be made; PUNCTUATION, no biggie!


In gearing up for a new season, I'll preface candidly with this...you may very well know nothing at all about rapper Maxx Paine, but is it really his loss...or yours?

As I sit here listening to unreleased cuts, it amazes me that more people aren't aware of well prepared quality music...rap music, with a classy production, ALWAYS! I won't go into detail about new tracks, but I will say you may certainly check him out, and support his movement by following him on twitter (@THEmaxxpaine), and/or previewing previously released mixtapes cuts (CLICK HERE)!

Be advised, this isn't your typical 'new kid on the block' vibe. Paine's altering of words, and his worldly wisdom where European delicacies are concerned, tends to be most  impressive; It's no wonder he's also been known to  answer to Mr. "Robb Report"  an internationally upper echelon magazine, geared toward informing affluent communities abroad on luxury products and travel.

DAMAGE CONTROL~ My Trendy Place is convinced...BAD Lacefronts are traumatizing an otherwise GOOD thing!

Ladies, you're always in search of that celebrity touch, minus the celebrity cost, and this mode of thinking is becoming more widespread. As we know, in this economy, everyone is pinching their pennies, and trying to get the most for their dollar.

ENTER My Trendy Place, Houston's premier Beauty & Wellness Boutique, and a nearly stapled brand in homes abroad, thanks largely to a botched break-in...

You may have heard about this hair raising boutique in early May of this year, when thieves stole human hair, valued at 150,000 dollars...yes, I said 150 RACKS! Aside from this widely publicized terror, you may also note when researching, that My Trendy Place is constantly giving back, and using their business product(s) to assist cancer patients from all walk's of life.

My Trendy Place is actively associated with the American Cancer Society, National Alopecia Foundation, The Rose, and Susan G. Komen to name a few.


 We recently partnered with PINX MUA, a make-up artistry design firm based out of Houston, TX specializing in make-up application as more of an artform, hence the term 'Pinx'! Marcel, a Houston native, started the company out of a realization she'd had.  She grasped the genuine love she had  for make-up and the art of distributing it onto the face, unblemished, and in a way found to be absolutely artsy and delicately uncanny! Uncanny because it's very well done, and while scary to think, one things for sure; It can not be plagiarized!

Seriously ladies, you definitely need to book your appointment! It's summertime, she'll give you that glow effortlessly, and with complete commitment, I'VE SEEN HER WORK...I'm tellin' you she's THAT DEAL!!! You may also find Pinx Mua HERE!Thanks for your SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!!

The Ellipsis has spoken! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

HEAR YE: An ellipsis consists of exactly three dots called ellipsis points—never two dots, never four dots—just three dots.

I've long wanted to speak out against the over-usage of the "ellipsis", as I know it's something most people pay little attention to; however I've noticed through the years, that more and more people are using it, and boy are they using it!
I decided to research the sometimes abominable ellipsis in an effort to confirm if my notions were correct; Are these 3 dots (yep, only 3), being overused by innocent people who know not what they do? Well, here's what I stumbled upon. Read carefully PEOPLE!

You should not replace all normal punctuation with ellipses. You should not allow the sweet lure of ellipses to muddle your ability to write a complete sentence. To quote the book Grammar for Dummies, “Using ellipses in this way can get annoying really fast.” 


Jay Roy, Jazelle & Co. visionary/owner prepared for a close friend's 30th b-day party this past weekend, and wanted to do something different; Being the busy mom-on-the-go that she is, she decided to reach out to non other than SIDE OF STYLE who specialize in effortlessly styling busy women on the move, amongst other services. She was also hand picked by PINX MUA, a mobile makeup artistry brand, to partake in a complete character enhanced version of herself!!! Many compliments flowed at the event, so she felt it was necessary that she shout out these hard working women, who are devoted to enhancing the beauty, self esteem, and poise of their female counterparts. As you can see, SIDE OF STYLE did a splendid job at bringing out the funkiest in fashion, while still holding true to herself, and they've never let any of their clients down, JUST ASK! PINX MUA (Painted Kiss), an out of the box newcomer, actually used Jay as a muse project, and she was naturally honored to fulfill the role. You've got to visit these brands and see what they have to offer. Don't hesitate to give them a call, e-mail or shoot them a message via their fan-page! Support successful endeavors yall!!!

For contact info on S.O.S and PINX MUA, e-mail mjroy@mjroypr.com


What's Up Loyal Style Seekers,

I have the astute honor in telling you all about a very important event taking place tomorrow. Side of Style always delves into selfless projects, promoting female empowerment, and a certain level of fashion forward fierceness! It's no wonder, they've been so blessed in helping a vast mosaic of survivors, achievers, and conquerors alike. 

Enter, Ms. Jessica Mark, a 26 year Special Education Educator, who holds a Master's degree in Counseling, and has overhauled her whole image, losing a total of 220 pounds. She's been 'made over' in a multitude of ways, as we can only imagine, but TOMORROW, she'll be indulging, but don't worry...it's not overeating, it's a SIDE OF STYLE....


What's up everybody?

As most of you may know, I was able to support one of my clients, High Heel Junkie this past weekend at the Acharne' Couture Swimsuit Edition Fashion Show, where the infamous Heel Condom's would be revealing themselves to an innumerable plethora of people. I sat discreetly on the 2nd row from the runway, a feeling of boisterous pride, feeling as though this was something I created! The true visionary for this empirical brand, High Heel Junkie, is Ms. Azalea McKinney, a California native, whose essentially been thrust onto the Houston scene, hosting her famed Shoe parties in and around the city non-stop!


PO Box 60088
Houston, TX 77205
Phone (832)647-4687
E-mail: mjroy@mjroypr.com
Contact: Keyunna Phillips
Phone: (713) 858-1075
9 A.M. CST, May 2, 2011


Houston, TX, May 2, 2011: All too often, we overlook honoring those who have fought the definitive fight, and won!!! Side of Style (S.O.S.) is honoring one lucky winner of its “Ehance Her” giveaway, honoring Cancer surviving women. S.O.S. will be accepting write-ups from women, telling of their journey, and how surviving has changed their stance on life and purpose. The contest begins May 1 and will run through May 31, 2011. If you, or anyone you know is worthy of the recognition, please submit their name with a detailed write-up. The winner will receive a day of enhancement, including makeup, styling, a photo shoot, etc. For more info, please e-mail Side of Style at sos4u@live.com.


~Stylëvënts VS. The Pretty Lil' Paparazzi Party~

You should know that anything Stylëvënts puts their hands on comes to life in what seems like an instant. I've seen this event solution firm take a lifeless venue and give it wings; literally causing it to 'fly', pardon the pun.

As honored as I am to have known the owner, Mrs. Oneika J. Shelby, I'm even more honored to have seen her work on every occasion, and take note of the fact that it's by no means half done, and ALWAYS well thought out. Her attention to detail, and her need to know her clients (personally), enables her to create the perfect setting each and every time.

This trendy, upscale, yet affordable empire has planned Retirement parties, Weddings and Receptions (Even my own, which was nothing short of AMAZING), birthday parties, and more. They've put together stellar shin digs at venues such as Hotel ZaZa, House of Dereon, Brady's Landing,  and Column A, to name a mere few. Specializing in Event Planning for all occasions, they intend only to leave the most noted impression. More recently, Stylëvënts was selected to compose a "Paparazzi Party" for a deserving, rambunctious 8 year old ...Pearland, TX would never be the same...


I've done PR work for my team over at 'Side of Style' on many occasions; Their work is always flawless, timeless, and incomparable. One thing that stands out about them is the fact that they ALWAYS have giveaways, and focus intensely on lifting the 'woman' up, hence making her feel beautiful intrinsically as well as outwardly.

S.O.S. as you know is an acronym for SIDE OF STYLE! I often joke that it should also mean SAVE OUR SWAGGER, because believe me, it's exactly what's done when they revamp your reality where fashion is concerned. I truly believe style of dress is directly linked to the way we all feel about ourselves, as well as how we staple our personality amongst the walls of our society.

This giveaway is both thoughtful and well warranted! I'm honored to introduce a selfless ode to the Cancer surviving woman!

11 Sure Fire Ways to Know, You're a 'Ride or Die' Publicist Extraordinaire

Publicists are among 12 jobs noted as being America's "2011 Most Stressful Jobs". You can imagine why I became intrigued with this article, as it was lightly titled (I Kid- I Kid). Among these stressful jobs; stockbrokers, EMT's,  newscasters etc. It's amazing what we as American's will go through for a paycheck, when many times we're hardly paid accordingly.

I read constantly; It's one of the most noted ways of staying ahead in this industry, and IN LIFE!!!! I recently ran across one of Lauren Fernandez' many articles in which she decided to spin off the recent CNBC release. She prefaced by arguing the point that "PR is ER", in other words, we work just as hard (adrenaline filled), as any Emergency Room surgeon does, so it's no surprise we made this short precise list ***HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE PLEASE***

EXCUSE ME SIR, what are you doin'?


Many would begin by asking, "Who the heck is mjroypr, and where'd it come from?"! Well, much like many companies, the unveiling must begin at a point, and mine is NOW!

Public relations (PR) is a field concerned with maintaining a public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high profile people, such celebrities and politicians.

I don't mean to get all "LEGIT", but I do need to make sure naysayers understand, I know my business, and while I may not have technically been apart of the PR world on the front-line, I have been very active behind the scenes.

Let's talk about my clientele for a minute. I've been writing and marketing for this eclectic combination of brands for quite some time: Jazelle&Co , C.R.O.S.S. , TeenChic , Maxx Paine, Side of Style , C'na Roberts Photo , and Stylëvënts; I've also done PR work off and on for churches, non-profits etc.

While I am new to the eyes of many, my work is nothing short of amazing to most. Attention to detail is most important in this industry, and even though my name may not be on everything seen, it's always 'my' work, so I make sure it's official!

I ask that you support my company, BUT more importantly, support those I represent. They are ALL respected in their fields of expertise, and have worked awfully hard to get where they are.

BLOOD.SWEAT.TEARS~We're comin' at you!!!!


'Twas Written...

I knew I had to create a blog in lieu of the recent launch for our innovative PR Firm; Mjroypr has been around for years, nameless of course. PR work is something I do personally, on many occasions, many times  without thought; for family, friends, colleagues and everyday people alike.

It's something I enjoy doing, and I take great pride in the fact that writing and speaking comes easily to me. I do not take for granted that it's a gift, and I am more than blessed to utilize the talent(s) God has given me in helping others expand their brand, their dreams, their ultimate destiny.

Attending Sam Houston State University as an undergraduate student, I received a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Public Relations/Promotions and Marketing from the prestigious Dan Rather School of Mass Communications.

In my tenure as a journalist, I have written for several media sources, including the Houston Defender's 'Campus Defender' in High School, Teen Chic Magazine, The Weekly Paramount, The Community Address, and the Houstonian. I've also interned with KTSU, and KSHU learning the tricks and trades of radio advertising. I've done PR work for churches, non-profits, artists, designers, and print media sources. I've also  served as the Public Relations intern via the Citizen's Assistance division under the Mayor Lee Brown Administration.

Public Speaking is a natural gift to me as well...I went to State competition in my district as a High School student for Prose and Poetry, and landed one of the lead roles in my school's Famed One Act Play.

It's no surprise that full time I am an English-Language Arts Teacher, and take great pride in inspiring the minds of all students, as well as preparing them to be thorough in their approach, both written and spoken.

Public Relations is a major misconception among many; through innovative promotional techniques,  major marketing motives, and brilliant branding, mjroypr will prove "that which is written can be spoken just the same". PR is so much more than a press release. Stay tuned...we'll enlighten you!!!


Mical J. Roy
Lead Publicist/Owner