'Twas Written...

I knew I had to create a blog in lieu of the recent launch for our innovative PR Firm; Mjroypr has been around for years, nameless of course. PR work is something I do personally, on many occasions, many times  without thought; for family, friends, colleagues and everyday people alike.

It's something I enjoy doing, and I take great pride in the fact that writing and speaking comes easily to me. I do not take for granted that it's a gift, and I am more than blessed to utilize the talent(s) God has given me in helping others expand their brand, their dreams, their ultimate destiny.

Attending Sam Houston State University as an undergraduate student, I received a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Public Relations/Promotions and Marketing from the prestigious Dan Rather School of Mass Communications.

In my tenure as a journalist, I have written for several media sources, including the Houston Defender's 'Campus Defender' in High School, Teen Chic Magazine, The Weekly Paramount, The Community Address, and the Houstonian. I've also interned with KTSU, and KSHU learning the tricks and trades of radio advertising. I've done PR work for churches, non-profits, artists, designers, and print media sources. I've also  served as the Public Relations intern via the Citizen's Assistance division under the Mayor Lee Brown Administration.

Public Speaking is a natural gift to me as well...I went to State competition in my district as a High School student for Prose and Poetry, and landed one of the lead roles in my school's Famed One Act Play.

It's no surprise that full time I am an English-Language Arts Teacher, and take great pride in inspiring the minds of all students, as well as preparing them to be thorough in their approach, both written and spoken.

Public Relations is a major misconception among many; through innovative promotional techniques,  major marketing motives, and brilliant branding, mjroypr will prove "that which is written can be spoken just the same". PR is so much more than a press release. Stay tuned...we'll enlighten you!!!


Mical J. Roy
Lead Publicist/Owner


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