11 Sure Fire Ways to Know, You're a 'Ride or Die' Publicist Extraordinaire

Publicists are among 12 jobs noted as being America's "2011 Most Stressful Jobs". You can imagine why I became intrigued with this article, as it was lightly titled (I Kid- I Kid). Among these stressful jobs; stockbrokers, EMT's,  newscasters etc. It's amazing what we as American's will go through for a paycheck, when many times we're hardly paid accordingly.

I read constantly; It's one of the most noted ways of staying ahead in this industry, and IN LIFE!!!! I recently ran across one of Lauren Fernandez' many articles in which she decided to spin off the recent CNBC release. She prefaced by arguing the point that "PR is ER", in other words, we work just as hard (adrenaline filled), as any Emergency Room surgeon does, so it's no surprise we made this short precise list ***HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE PLEASE***

While Public Relations professionals cover an array of personality types, there seems to be a basis in which we can all agree upon. Here are her famed "11 signs you're a PR Professional"...ENJOY!!!

  1. Your day starts and ends with a cup of coffee.
  2. You can power walk in 5 inch heels with your laptop bag and checking your BlackBerry.
  3. Inside jokes with your colleagues will get you through the day – and the insanely stressful ones.
  4. You constantly battle that “PR is dead” and “the press release doesn’t have a place in business” arguments.
  5. You are so used to putting the client first that you forget to eat lunch on a regular basis.
  6. It’s detrimental to your health and workday when you forget your headphones.
  7. You can toggle between a PowerPoint presentation, a press release, Twitter strategy and PSA outlines – all in an hour.
  8. You recite billing codes in your sleep.
  9. You preface Happy Hour with, “Sorry, I need to keep my phone on the table. I have to be connected to email and phone just in case.”
  10. You know more about AP Style than Microsoft Office. Because of this, you’re a regular in the IT office.
  11. You proudly put “PR pro” in your Twitter bio, knowing its the one place you don’t have to explain your job.

Hopefully, after perusing this list, you realized you're NOT crazy, you're just a crazy publicist!


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