~Stylëvënts VS. The Pretty Lil' Paparazzi Party~

You should know that anything Stylëvënts puts their hands on comes to life in what seems like an instant. I've seen this event solution firm take a lifeless venue and give it wings; literally causing it to 'fly', pardon the pun.

As honored as I am to have known the owner, Mrs. Oneika J. Shelby, I'm even more honored to have seen her work on every occasion, and take note of the fact that it's by no means half done, and ALWAYS well thought out. Her attention to detail, and her need to know her clients (personally), enables her to create the perfect setting each and every time.

This trendy, upscale, yet affordable empire has planned Retirement parties, Weddings and Receptions (Even my own, which was nothing short of AMAZING), birthday parties, and more. They've put together stellar shin digs at venues such as Hotel ZaZa, House of Dereon, Brady's Landing,  and Column A, to name a mere few. Specializing in Event Planning for all occasions, they intend only to leave the most noted impression. More recently, Stylëvënts was selected to compose a "Paparazzi Party" for a deserving, rambunctious 8 year old ...Pearland, TX would never be the same...


I've done PR work for my team over at 'Side of Style' on many occasions; Their work is always flawless, timeless, and incomparable. One thing that stands out about them is the fact that they ALWAYS have giveaways, and focus intensely on lifting the 'woman' up, hence making her feel beautiful intrinsically as well as outwardly.

S.O.S. as you know is an acronym for SIDE OF STYLE! I often joke that it should also mean SAVE OUR SWAGGER, because believe me, it's exactly what's done when they revamp your reality where fashion is concerned. I truly believe style of dress is directly linked to the way we all feel about ourselves, as well as how we staple our personality amongst the walls of our society.

This giveaway is both thoughtful and well warranted! I'm honored to introduce a selfless ode to the Cancer surviving woman!

11 Sure Fire Ways to Know, You're a 'Ride or Die' Publicist Extraordinaire

Publicists are among 12 jobs noted as being America's "2011 Most Stressful Jobs". You can imagine why I became intrigued with this article, as it was lightly titled (I Kid- I Kid). Among these stressful jobs; stockbrokers, EMT's,  newscasters etc. It's amazing what we as American's will go through for a paycheck, when many times we're hardly paid accordingly.

I read constantly; It's one of the most noted ways of staying ahead in this industry, and IN LIFE!!!! I recently ran across one of Lauren Fernandez' many articles in which she decided to spin off the recent CNBC release. She prefaced by arguing the point that "PR is ER", in other words, we work just as hard (adrenaline filled), as any Emergency Room surgeon does, so it's no surprise we made this short precise list ***HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE PLEASE***

EXCUSE ME SIR, what are you doin'?


Many would begin by asking, "Who the heck is mjroypr, and where'd it come from?"! Well, much like many companies, the unveiling must begin at a point, and mine is NOW!

Public relations (PR) is a field concerned with maintaining a public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high profile people, such celebrities and politicians.

I don't mean to get all "LEGIT", but I do need to make sure naysayers understand, I know my business, and while I may not have technically been apart of the PR world on the front-line, I have been very active behind the scenes.

Let's talk about my clientele for a minute. I've been writing and marketing for this eclectic combination of brands for quite some time: Jazelle&Co , C.R.O.S.S. , TeenChic , Maxx Paine, Side of Style , C'na Roberts Photo , and Stylëvënts; I've also done PR work off and on for churches, non-profits etc.

While I am new to the eyes of many, my work is nothing short of amazing to most. Attention to detail is most important in this industry, and even though my name may not be on everything seen, it's always 'my' work, so I make sure it's official!

I ask that you support my company, BUT more importantly, support those I represent. They are ALL respected in their fields of expertise, and have worked awfully hard to get where they are.

BLOOD.SWEAT.TEARS~We're comin' at you!!!!


'Twas Written...

I knew I had to create a blog in lieu of the recent launch for our innovative PR Firm; Mjroypr has been around for years, nameless of course. PR work is something I do personally, on many occasions, many times  without thought; for family, friends, colleagues and everyday people alike.

It's something I enjoy doing, and I take great pride in the fact that writing and speaking comes easily to me. I do not take for granted that it's a gift, and I am more than blessed to utilize the talent(s) God has given me in helping others expand their brand, their dreams, their ultimate destiny.

Attending Sam Houston State University as an undergraduate student, I received a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Public Relations/Promotions and Marketing from the prestigious Dan Rather School of Mass Communications.

In my tenure as a journalist, I have written for several media sources, including the Houston Defender's 'Campus Defender' in High School, Teen Chic Magazine, The Weekly Paramount, The Community Address, and the Houstonian. I've also interned with KTSU, and KSHU learning the tricks and trades of radio advertising. I've done PR work for churches, non-profits, artists, designers, and print media sources. I've also  served as the Public Relations intern via the Citizen's Assistance division under the Mayor Lee Brown Administration.

Public Speaking is a natural gift to me as well...I went to State competition in my district as a High School student for Prose and Poetry, and landed one of the lead roles in my school's Famed One Act Play.

It's no surprise that full time I am an English-Language Arts Teacher, and take great pride in inspiring the minds of all students, as well as preparing them to be thorough in their approach, both written and spoken.

Public Relations is a major misconception among many; through innovative promotional techniques,  major marketing motives, and brilliant branding, mjroypr will prove "that which is written can be spoken just the same". PR is so much more than a press release. Stay tuned...we'll enlighten you!!!


Mical J. Roy
Lead Publicist/Owner