A BARBER'S EVOLUTION|A LITERAL REVOLUTION- Getting to know Kuttin' Edge Barbershop

You know, the thing about anyone's "story behind the glory" is that it does something to us as readers, when we realize that what we're seeing, has a story behind it. It's no Friday night Cinema bore either...more like a Saturday morning testimony to the masses. It resounds, "HERE I STAND, MAKING A NAME FOR EVERY AND ANYONE AFTER ME... I'm destined to succeed by the grace of God". Well, that's what this story tells me. It tells me that if we press toward the mark, and go relentlessly after our dreams, (which may sometimes be deferred), we are NOT winning, in fact, we are at a LOSS!

Alan Roland, owner and Brand visionary behind Houston Galleria's Kuttin' Edge Barbershop, is definitely no newcomer to WINNING, as most would have it. He's more like a vessel of success, to which we can learn   alot. Prior to Roland opening his brand name barbershop, he worked in Texas' capital for Texas Instruments; to which he voluntarily fulfilled a 10 year stint. Here's the moment I tend to admire the most---------> After his period in the corporate sector, he realized it wasn't for him. As a father, he knew he needed to make the ultimate decision to go for his dreams, as he strongly sensed it would prevail.

High Heel Junkie™ gets all “hopped up” for a Beauty Escape... “downtown” style

From the Stiletto Superintendent who  brought you HEEL CONDOM'S, she's back with one more reason for you to remain "STRUNG OUT". This time, Azalea McKinney of High Heel Junkie™  has teamed up with Beauty Escape Make-Up Bar for their Houston Make-Up Bar, which will take place at the esteemed Hyatt Regency Hotel, downtown, this Saturday, August 6, 2011 from 1pm-6pm.

The Beauty Escape Makeup Bar's upscale pampering session features cosmo-style socializing – complete with customized mini-makeovers by professional stylists and signature cocktails. To top it off, all of our fabulous guests leave with health and beauty goodies. Client, (Pinx MUA) will also be sponsoring the event.

For the latest on High Heel Junkie™, you may visit their fab (website); While there, have a look at their blog for the latest happenings in the world of Heel connoisseurs abroad, and shop till you've satisfied your urge to. Stay tuned for more Air,Food,High Heels™.

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