A BARBER'S EVOLUTION|A LITERAL REVOLUTION- Getting to know Kuttin' Edge Barbershop

You know, the thing about anyone's "story behind the glory" is that it does something to us as readers, when we realize that what we're seeing, has a story behind it. It's no Friday night Cinema bore either...more like a Saturday morning testimony to the masses. It resounds, "HERE I STAND, MAKING A NAME FOR EVERY AND ANYONE AFTER ME... I'm destined to succeed by the grace of God". Well, that's what this story tells me. It tells me that if we press toward the mark, and go relentlessly after our dreams, (which may sometimes be deferred), we are NOT winning, in fact, we are at a LOSS!

Alan Roland, owner and Brand visionary behind Houston Galleria's Kuttin' Edge Barbershop, is definitely no newcomer to WINNING, as most would have it. He's more like a vessel of success, to which we can learn   alot. Prior to Roland opening his brand name barbershop, he worked in Texas' capital for Texas Instruments; to which he voluntarily fulfilled a 10 year stint. Here's the moment I tend to admire the most---------> After his period in the corporate sector, he realized it wasn't for him. As a father, he knew he needed to make the ultimate decision to go for his dreams, as he strongly sensed it would prevail.

And boy, were his senses right! Roland moved to Houston, and started working for his cousin's barbershop located on the north-side of Houston, where he stayed for a couple of years, before having enough capital (start-up revenue) to open his own barbershop, which he did; Kuttin' Edge Barbershop, October '97.

I'll add that the title of this celebrity status Barber Shop is hardly by chance. When Roland first envisioned opening his own shop, he flirted with the idea of opening it inside a mall or shopping center, and many people told him it would never work, or that it would never catch on.  14 years later, he's located inside Houston's prestigious Galleria Mall, and his shop is known to hosts and hosts of the heaviest taste makers, and celebrities alike. From Ikem Kamakaze of Houston's "Indmix" empire to Scottie Pippen, Beyonce Knowles, Juvenile and many more, he often protests that everyone and anyone who comes into the shop are all celebrities in his eyes.

When walking into the Kuttin' Edge Barbershop, you walk into an experience. Roland went from having 3 operators when he opened, to now having over 36. Ironically, the large amount of chair operator's does nothing more than enhance the atmosphere. The shop is set up with tons of nooks, where barber chairs are located, and there's conversation developing at every step you take. Good music plays constantly, and the Caribbean themed decor is more than timely and understood. Mastering the art of having a thriving barbershop in a Galleria Mall, and doing it with an air of consciousness, class, and possibility, it's really no wonder they were named "Kuttin' Edge"...and YES, we too agree, this barbershop has an edge (pardon the pun).

Click (HERE) to visit their fan-page, and feel free to "like" what their doing. View all photo albums, for visual aids from barber's as well as their work.

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Kuttin' Edge is opened 7 days a week, in Galleria III, near Harlon's Barbecue and Lady Elle Boutique. You may reach them at 713.960.9100. CALL TODAY. Remember, walk-in's are welcome.


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