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As most of you may know, I was able to support one of my clients, High Heel Junkie this past weekend at the Acharne' Couture Swimsuit Edition Fashion Show, where the infamous Heel Condom's would be revealing themselves to an innumerable plethora of people. I sat discreetly on the 2nd row from the runway, a feeling of boisterous pride, feeling as though this was something I created! The true visionary for this empirical brand, High Heel Junkie, is Ms. Azalea McKinney, a California native, whose essentially been thrust onto the Houston scene, hosting her famed Shoe parties in and around the city non-stop!

The Hookah Bar, where the Show was held, seemed to get more and more packed by the minute. People were coming from various locales to see these Heel Condom's up close and personal! Each Swimsuit model wore a pair of haute heels, donated by High Heel Junkie, and Heel Condom's were sprinkled throughout the show on every other models pumps. Seeing something in real life, as opposed to a still shot is much more exhilarating (don't you agree?). You get a feel for durability, movement, handling, etc. Let me tell you, these condom's held their own, from beginning to end!!!

I took note, as many begin to point, and protest, "Where'd she get those shoes?", or "DAMN, them some bad ass shoes!", having no idea that in fact, it wasn't the heel they were loving, in fact it was the condom, a mantra that women all over can agree is more than true! Ms. High Heel Junkie herself stopped by just before being swept away by photographers and other media sources to adorn my wife with a pair of the infamous Heel Condom's, and take a picture with her publicist...yours truly!!


If you missed the show, you missed a treat. The Acharne' Swimsuit Collection is very well thought out, tailored, and classically conveyed. I gathered a collage of Heel Condom photos from the show, but for some reason, I have one that tends to be my favorite. Its focus is not on the model, but more so the shoe in a daring haste down the lengthy runway, Heel Condom in tow! It's the way, I want the consumer to see the product, in everlasting action!



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Great review, go HHJ...shoe condom = excellent idea!

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