PUNCTUATION: The gift and the curse

Punctuation marks are symbols that indicate the structure and organization of written language, as well as intonation and pauses to be observed when reading aloud.

In its entirety, it is more than safe to say that we've all found ourselves becoming a little less diligent in our quests to follow through on what a complete sentence is, or a complete thought for that matter; what defines it? Where does it end, and what signifies its ending?

A question for my generation- Are we not loyal to our punctuation marks? Those which were given to us at a tender young age, which we clung to, once we understand the basic uses that each of them gave to us.

I couldn't imagine this younger generation finding comfort in these same punctuation marks, as texting, and social media have allowed the choice to be made; PUNCTUATION, no biggie!

In a world where formulating our thoughts typically come to play at the hands of hundreds of thousands of people (even millions), why have we allowed ourselves to get lazy enough to throw out the flagships of our sentences?

As a journalist, and a breathing writer, I can't help but notice grammatical errors ANYWHERE, and my mind won't relax because it's a Twitter feed vs. a CNN feed. In my creative, hopeful mind, grammar, syntax, punctuation; these should be used throughout.

Now, am I saying we aren't capable of making mistakes? (Pardon me while I laugh hysterically)...I make them tons more than I'd leap to admit, but the point is, the desire to write in proper form shall always be there. Yet, It seems as though people are allowing themselves to become less guarded where proper grammar usage, punctuation, and the likes are concerned.

Technology, as we all may attest, has in some form or fashion, allowed us a certain lethargic air, which seems hard for us to shake. When I tweet (Twitter), update my status on Facebook, or write anything which will be sent into a sea of citizens' social network feed's, I comb it continuously. GOLDEN RULE social media partakers, once it's out there in techie land, it's THERE!

Take this advice: Punctuation is your pal. It says to your readers, you respect the "P-code" if you will, and you're keeping it real in using real marks to define your real sentences. Don't be ashamed to use what you know.

We all need a refresher, so here's a helpful tool which may aid in your brushing up on (Principles of Punctuation!) <-------- ENJOY!


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