DAMAGE CONTROL~ My Trendy Place is convinced...BAD Lacefronts are traumatizing an otherwise GOOD thing!

Ladies, you're always in search of that celebrity touch, minus the celebrity cost, and this mode of thinking is becoming more widespread. As we know, in this economy, everyone is pinching their pennies, and trying to get the most for their dollar.

ENTER My Trendy Place, Houston's premier Beauty & Wellness Boutique, and a nearly stapled brand in homes abroad, thanks largely to a botched break-in...

You may have heard about this hair raising boutique in early May of this year, when thieves stole human hair, valued at 150,000 dollars...yes, I said 150 RACKS! Aside from this widely publicized terror, you may also note when researching, that My Trendy Place is constantly giving back, and using their business product(s) to assist cancer patients from all walk's of life.

My Trendy Place is actively associated with the American Cancer Society, National Alopecia Foundation, The Rose, and Susan G. Komen to name a few.

Along with being  noted as a premier brand in the haircare circle, My Trendy Place has styled  Grammy nominated Gospel duo Trinitee 5:7, the legendary Clark Sisters, Patti LaBelle, hosts of local Houston artists/celebrities etc.

With a resume as impressive as this, we think we'll let the infamous MY TRENDY PLACE speak out against the 'BAD' lace front wig, made into a caricature of sorts. TAKE A LOOK:

Also, take a look at the damaging effects of a lace front wig where too much adhesive was applied to the forehead.

Since we've done our research on client MY TRENDY PLACE, we're certain that their more than capable to give any advice where hair care and wig management are concerned.

When we asked owner, Ms. Lisa Amosu about improper vs.proper lace front wig application, she undoubtedly boasted, "Full Lace Wigs / Lace Front Wigs should NOT look like a WIG.  The proper cap construction, lace color, fit and hair type play a huge part of a lace unit looking it's best. In our complimentary consultation we help you decide which application method is best.. we offer adhesive as well as sew in methods for lace units".

Amosu is in no way a rookie. She is connected worldwide, and takes acquiring quality hair seriously. "We visit our factories every year which allows us stronger buying power and gives us insight on how our unit's are made.  With this powerful knowledge we can firmly say that we are the experts in the lace wig business."

She is dead set on dispelling the widely conveyed myth that lace wigs sold at the local beauty supply stores are "one size fit's all". She demands that all head shapes are not created equal. " The local beauty supply has a (2) wig limit ... "no buy, no try"..... At My Trendy Place, we take the time to properly measure each and every client and allow them to try on a variety of wigs to see what suits their style."

With that said, let's have a look at some impressive lace units, courtesy of MY TRENDY PLACE:

 CALL TODAY, 713.723.2900. Schedule your consultation/ appointment, and check them out online as well~

Remember, lace fronts weren't  meant to be taken lightly. With MY TRENDY PLACE in control, you won't concern yourself with worry about the embarrassment of a visible lace front, or a lace front gone terribly wrong. STAY TRENDY LADIES!


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