In gearing up for a new season, I'll preface candidly with may very well know nothing at all about rapper Maxx Paine, but is it really his loss...or yours?

As I sit here listening to unreleased cuts, it amazes me that more people aren't aware of well prepared quality music...rap music, with a classy production, ALWAYS! I won't go into detail about new tracks, but I will say you may certainly check him out, and support his movement by following him on twitter (@THEmaxxpaine), and/or previewing previously released mixtapes cuts (CLICK HERE)!

Be advised, this isn't your typical 'new kid on the block' vibe. Paine's altering of words, and his worldly wisdom where European delicacies are concerned, tends to be most  impressive; It's no wonder he's also been known to  answer to Mr. "Robb Report"  an internationally upper echelon magazine, geared toward informing affluent communities abroad on luxury products and travel.

You may also preview Maxx on (Datpiff), and continue to spread the word about his definitely defiant approach to what Hip Hop is. I see any one of his records playing in  an uptown art gallery, or a Fortune 500 benefit dinner for an international dignitary. His small productive team have long been assembled, and currently, are knee deep in preparation to bring his music closer and closer to your front door.

Not a one of you can say you hadn't heard me boastin' longgggg before his international acceptance ever took place.Let the record show, I've always believed. It's literally ONLY a matter of time Maxx!

Something to leave you with: Maxx recently decided to leak  this~ (MY WALK)


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